Hand showing a black piece of paper with Hello written on it in orange

Hello World!

So… Hello World. I can’t think of a different title for the first post in the blog. I just want to get going and it reminded me of those times I started learning a new programming language: there was always a “Hello World” exercise, where you would simply write those two words in the code editor and print them somewhere. Nothing else about the language was explained, just enough to make that work somehow. This post is going in the same direction: I don’t know much about blogging, I don’t know what to expect in the future, I don’t know if I will enjoy it (I hope so!) and I don’t know for how long I will stick to this. But I know that if I don’t start, I’ll never have answers for those questions.

So, why starting a Blog at all? That’s like a 15 years ago trend. No one does it today, right?. Well, there are a couple of reasons for it.

The first one is pure curiosity: I have always thought about starting to write, but I never really jumped into it. If you add that I was looking for some kind of small personal project to work on… starting a blog sounds like a nice match.

I also like learning new things. All the time. And most of it sticks and stays in cold storage on some corner of my brain… but I think that it’d be cool to share those learnings. Giving back something to anyone that could benefit from it. Why not? Plus, I also believe that this a good thing for me, as sharing what you’ve learnt is one of the best ways to fix and interiorize the knowledge. I hope that having this blog around pushes me to learn and share more. And it will be a cool archive for the future, some kind of time machine. I wonder how I will react if I read again these same words in ten years… sounds fun in any case!

Cool, understood. But why now?

Well… easy: I was searching for a personal project for a while and I am motivated to do it now. So I want to use this motivation kick and try to build a habit. I read a couple of nice books and watched some videos about the importance of sharing content and not just consuming it, and those were the match that started the fire. No other special reason.

Woah… a bit of a monologue here. If you’ve made it until here, I guess it is only fair that I tell you what you can expect to find here. I have a couple of topics in mind, which will for sure evolve, and I also believe that more things will pop up. But, in general, as a starting point, I am thinking that the main content of the blog will be:

  • Some book reviews. Specially books from which I learn stuff that can be summarized and shared. Main interests are productivity, personal development and health.
  • Random thoughts and reflections about leadership and business agility. That’s kind of my daily interest and where I want to grow more for my career in the future and I intend to practice this “Share to learn” in this area. Some book reviews about this topics will for sure appear here.
  • Some personal experiences or current interests. I don’t know, from situations that I’ve lived and touched me to random cooking recipes (I am a lot into it lately, specially since watching the 2nd season of “The Bear”).

And as mentioned before, whatever else that might come in the future. I will cut this post here, I think that’s a big enough “Hello World”. I just hope this is not one of these First and also last posts that live around a million blogs around the internet.

See you in the next one!

PS: Little disclaimer – English is my second language. I might have grammar mistakes or weird-sounding sentences all over the place. That’s what happens when you start using too many languages in your daily life. Sorry not sorry about those mistakes!

Post featured picture by Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash